ampel rotAttention | Does our Corona-traffic light show RED light? All members of our school family strictly obey the following rules!

Timeliness | We always will provide current information as soon as possible here at this website. Therefore we explicitly ask you to renounce unnecessary phone calls or emails!

Exchange operation | Daily exchange operation replaces regular operation. All students of a class are split into equally strong subgroups A and B considering pedagogical factors. According to the arranged plan EITHER group A OR group B is allowed to be present at lessons in the classroom, while the rest of the class has to take an active part in homeschooling via our Digital Classes.

Presence lessons | This is a precticable way to protect all members of our school family by keeping the minimum distances in the classroom. Furthermore the rule to wear an oronasal mask applies even at seating position!

Homeschooling | Students who have to stay at home get their obligatory tasks for the day via the weekday site of the Digital Classes (e.g. 3a - Monday) by the class teachers on a daily basis.

Example: Plan | A binding plan for all classes (including calendar week) like in the following sample will be available via the menu Digital Classes.

Homeschooling Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
calendar week
CW____ CW____ CW____ CW____
Given group stays at home! Group Group Group Group
Monday A B A B
Tuesday B A B A
Wednesday A B A B
Thursday B A B A
Friday A B A B